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And then we ran here! And then we ran there! And it was a code!

19 June 1984

You know, I just don't know what to put here any more. I'm Troy. I used to be called Emily. I don't know what anyone needs to know apart from that.
If you want to win me over, play music with lots of synthesisers in at me. Their sound is the blood that runs in my veins. Possibly.

"You're like the Typhoid Mary of slash..." -moral_vacuum

"I'm not sure things can appear out of nothing but for some reason I'm convinced if they can your record collection would be a logical place to start." - oml404

"Unfortunately, by the time I’m 65 I’ll probably be writing to the BBC to tell them that Duran Duran could not have appeared on Top of the Pops with a DX7 until at least 1983." -spEak You're bRanes

"Changing my name to "please use a thesaurus or a brain to find another word for flamboyant patrick wolf"" -Patrick Wolf


"And all shall fade: the flowers of Spring, the world, and all the sorrow at the heart of everything."
!! fucking war?!, 80s music, a.s.j. tessimond, androgyny, apparently being a glint, art deco, audacity of huge, avoiding 'iris' territory, badfic, becoming andy lau, big damn heroes, blaise zabini, blaming-myself-for-what-gorillas-did, blood, bpal, britten's heartbreaking desolate harmonies, cats, century falls, christian bale, christopher fowler, crushing on jordan cavanaugh, crying in public, dancing, dancing to discotheque francais, david eddings, death o'clock, debating what goth is, defying gravity, don giovanni, down to the basement, downward flight of magpies, drawing-the-heroes-symbol-everywhere, duran duran, early 20th century instruments, east end accents, egypt, electronica, eleven is my doctor, erasure, erte, every day is halloween, finding the right song, firefly, formative experience is formative, freezepop soundtrack my heart, funsponge, getting inside people's heads, glitter, gloves, god damned damaris, goyoubigredfireengine!, green eyes, greg "he-didnt-give-me-express-permission" sanders, harlequin, hellraiser, helping winchesters, homosexual relationships at university, i have taken control, i will, ian's knowledge of pastry, indie fringes, it's-never-just-one-problem, jack fairy, jc chasez's solo album, jeffree star (somewhat inevitably), john foxx, kafka on the shore, knagin, knives, knows-all-types-of-chinese-dance, late-afternoon-sunlight-on-the-downs, like minds, literary criticism, london, loving fandom for caring, mal reynolds, masochism of all kinds, matrix twins with razors, men in makeup, menswe@r, micko westmoreland, model #426, morrissey's not all that, mozart's operas, musicians' hands, must-be-a-hell-of-a-scary-crack-in-your-wall, my natashsa, nathan's magic square, neal caffrey's beautiful face, neil gaiman, neil gaiman/clive barker, new romantic, nick rhodes, nominal synaesthesia, offering bespoke alphabetising services, ok we can, old gregg's downstairs mixup, ondes-martenot, opera, over-romanticising sodding everything, paris immortal, partying like it's 1982, peace with anything, people-watching, philip treacy, poetry, posting in audiography, pretty goth boys, psychopathic templar-obsessed schoolboys, public-school boys in ties, rain, rimsky-korsakov, robin of sherwood, scars, seven oceans, shinee expelliarmus, silver lance, sirens working for ulysses, slash, slash being my religion, spoonface, steve jansen, suits of emotional repression, synthpop, talking all night, team jacob i'm afraid, telling people they're beautiful, temposhark, the fairytale of goldfrapp, the major key, the masked bandit, the something of boris, the_surreptitious placing_of mushrooms_in trees, their bisexual business lawyer, they can't make friends, they discover forks, threesome is the answer, thunderstorms, tokyo girls, totally fucked, turning my face towards, vampire mythology, velvet goldmine, vinyl, walking canes, wanking to elgar again?, what's in your dressing-up-box, wicked, your imaginary friends