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Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I'm not well - just a bit of a cold - and I was thinking last night 'it would be so good to get some sleep tonight, proper sleep'. Then I got hooked on something on the TV, and I was enjoying doing my cross stitch, so I stayed up a bit longer than I was planning. Then Channel 4 pandered hopelessly to my lust for appalling films by showing this. Although I didn't watch all of it, because the voices who live in my head are more sensible than me and decided I should go to bed, I was shattered by the time I turned the TV off. Bed, then. Sleep.

Sleep? No, no no. Five and a half hours of some weird state of paralysis, and it's only *now* that I get up and can actually *think* about what I was experiencing that reminded me of what I've done - overdosed on caffeine, again. I'm not sure how - I wasn't sure how the last couple of times, either - but that's definitely what it is; several hours of paralysis and random hallucinations and no bloody sleep, just like before. I actually don't feel all that bad right now, but that's because the cold plus the weird things caffeine overdose does to me mean I feel completely disconnected from everything. All the same, I know that I'm in lots of pain in a distant sort of way, so, ow. ~s~

My own silly fault. Damn it, though. I was so hoping to feel better today.

There are other reasons why I'm stupid. But I'm not going into those here, because that would be. Stupid.


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