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Today I can remember the good things, too.

Actually the party last night was lovely - I just left it wrapped in angst, and it was all I could think about for a while. But it was mostly great. Lovely to see kitty_goth, if briefly, and to see angelmine again, and lolliepopp to thank her properly for my Christmas present, and to meet the genuinely unprecedentedly fantastic slightlyfoxed and spyinthehaus, and to see lots of other people (if I namecheck everyone we'll be here all day, and I have DVD shopping to do soon ~g~).

It was really relaxed and good and spikeylady and ciphergoth are great hosts, as are ergotia and lilithmagna. Oh! and I met webcowgirl, who rocks a lot, and shadowdaddy, who is not only very lovely and in possession of excellent trousers but saw a thing about Duran Duran in the inflight magazine and brought it to give to me despite not really knowing who I am. People are so lovely!

In fact the only *problem* last night was that people are so lovely, so I don't know what I was whining about really. Please excuse the angst, which seemed so overwhelming before I'd had any sleep, and hear me saying that it was a great night, which it was, and that I'm quite happy, which I am.

*mwah* *mwah* Happy New Year my darlings. Have a good day.


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