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I would just like to say

...that some days, RP makes my world go round. I don't mean dressing up in unconvincing medieval frippery and waving plastic swords at boys in chainmail, although I'm sure that's entertaining too. I mean the sheer unparallelled joy of watching someone being someone else and doing it really, really well. I've just run into an impossibly gorgeous grand intricate RP network on journalfen and I've had to break it down, to just read one person involved's journal, because there's just too much otherwise. But it's so well written. I believe it. For all I can tell, it could actually be Christian Bale writing it, though, obviously, it's not. It's beautiful, and I'm sitting here grinning like an idiot because it just gives me so much joy watching this kind of thing. A thrill second only to doing it oneself. I haven't done any RP in the longest time; I miss it a lot, but everyone I used to do it with has grown out of it now. ~s~

Anyway. This has been an unashamedly geeky post from an unashamed (but currently very much over the moon) geek. As you were.

Edit : And. And. I will not have the 'is fanfiction creative writing?' argument with anyone ever again, but I just want to say that I am currently reading fanfic that is making me weep with joy, which is something I've not done in a long time, and I am very happy in my own little world. The fact that it's a world with Christian Bale in is more or less incidental.
People are wonderful. Mrrrr. Happy place.


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