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"Oh, what do they teach them in these schools?"

Just been cross stitching while I waited for the washing machine to finish, watching the DVD of The Chronicles Of Narnia that dad gave me for Christmas - the beautiful BBC adaptation from 1988 - and crying my eyes out like a small child, or rather, like me. It really is quite staggeringly beautiful - we have it at home on very old video, and I've not watched it in a couple of years.

Must now do more housework.

Oh, and a propos of a couple of things, I intend to keep a written diary of a kind next year. I'm not sure why. It probably won't last.

In entirely unrelated news, what he said.
In other, slightly more related news, oh. my. god.
moral_vacuum, what were you saying the other day about going into that website and never coming out again? You should see this one.

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