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[Music] Also, bounce.

Music, everyone needs music. Yesterday I wandered through some of the charity shops in Clapham and picked up a few things which I didn't really look at properly until today - it was one of those 'well, this looks interesting and the shop is about to shut' things. With the result that, in addition to an odd compilation from a 1997 issue of Select featuring good indie songs I don't particularly like (but that are still fascinating), and 'Me And You Vs The World' by Space and 'Govinda' by Kula Shaker, I appear to have acquired a CD of some of NME's singles of the week for the year of 1994.

I am happy. This is because said compilation has on it, among other less interesting things, 'Stay Together' by Suede (which I only had on tape), 'Trouble' by Shampoo (which I've wanted *since* 1994), 'Do You Love Me?' by Nick Cave (the only copy I had of that was on a homemade CD that has just stopped working), 'Do You Remember The First Time?' by Pulp (which I only had on tape), 'Girls And Boys' by Blur, 'Seether' by Veruca Salt and 'Dark And Long' by Underworld which it turns out I've been looking for for a year and a half without knowing what it was or who it was by. Hurrah!

I also picked up yet another 80s electronic compilation - I didn't mean to, but then it had the short version of 'Sensoria' by Cabaret Voltaire on it and I had to. And the extended mix of 'Talk Talk' by Talk Talk. And 'Visions Of China' by Japan. And stuff.

Mmmrrr. All that, and this and this should be turning up sometime in the next several weeks, as well. I spoil myself. But, bounce.

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