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"He said without me he couldn't make it/Through the day. Ain't that a shame?"

...well. Well. That was interesting, to say the least.

The straightforward bit : Electric Dreams was great, musically speaking (a bit mainstream for me tonight, but what with one thing and another I understand that) and the new decor at Gossips the 'Soho Lounge' (isn't it awful?) is actually remarkably inoffensive now they've added some drapes and it's not quite as abattoir-white as it was before. And there was a stunning girl there who looked like someone had stretched emmelinemay, which could only be a good thing (there being a girl who looked like that, I mean, not the potential act of stretching emmelinemay. Don't do it unless she asks). Lovely to see neuromantik et al again. I'll try to come back soon.
Unexpectedly ran into a nisaba and a melston on my way there, as well, which was a delightful bonus. ~smile~ It's good being back in London.

The less straightforward bit has to do with people being predictable and hopeless, and hopelessly predictable, and predictably hopeless.
I'm quite cross about this, but at the same time I recognise that some things are just in people's natures and there's nothing they, nor I, can do about it, and that therefore it's not worth getting any more worked up about it than I am, which is not significantly.

And I had better get some sleep, I suppose, before it's time for katyha to ring and wake me up again. ~s~


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