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1) I would like to give this person some kind of award for services to, well, me. A searchable index of everything that's ever charted in the UK! Bliss. Thank you, whoever you are.

2) I rejoice in the knowledge that this band actually achieved an album; I have to own it, now. (For anyone who's visited my house, this is the group responsible for the vampire-operatic-rap-metal I probably either threatened you with or played at you.)

3) Something very odd happened in my house a couple of hours ago - none of my remote controls would work. Not for the TV, not for the video, or my stereo, or for the curtains upstairs or the TV downstairs or anything. They're working again now, I just don't know what happened. Any ideas?

4) My mother is currently singing with possibly The Most Gorgeous Man In The World. Also, he knows the lovely French boy who talks to me at college. I have a feeling I may be at college a bit more next term. In case he, y'know, drops in to see his friend or anything. *Goodness* but he was gorgeous. Looked like Christian Bale if Christian Bale were Charles Ryder and spoke enthusiastically inspired broken English with a sweet French accent. And the most impeccably beautiful jacket I think I've ever seen.

But I digress.
For some reason I've decided to go to Electric Dreams tonight. I've not been since the makeover and I'm dreading what it'll look like a little, but I've been getting desperate e-mails from the boys who run it saying "We are still open!" every week for a couple of months now, and I feel guilty, and also I feel like dancing to some synthpop. We'll see.

I do wish I could get hold of asrana.

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