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Morning all...

Just passing through to say thank you to everyone who sent texts and stuff yesterday. ~smile~ I hope everyone had a good day - because this is mum's internet connection I've not been able to read my Friends page at all since I've been here, so if anything's happened that I should know about, e-mail me? Otherwise, I hope you're all doing ok and I come home tomorrow so I shall try to catch up then.

Oh, and if anyone's reading this for whom I have at any point made a compilation tape (apart from asrana) and you have it anywhere about the place, could I possibly beg you for a list of what I put on it? I've made enough now that I'm wanting to keep some kind of record going. ~smile~ But no worries if you can't find it or indeed can't be bothered, it's only me being geeky again.

Oh, and and - for those of you waiting to see whether anyone would have bought me the DVD of Taboo for Christmas...no, my dad says it's "disgusting rubbish, and why should [he] buy something for me that [he] wouldn't want to watch [himself]".
I may just go out on Tuesday and finally buy the damn thing. ~g~


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