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So, yes. Paris.

Off to Paris for Christmas with parents later - I don't leave until half-twelve, but the cleaning lady is in my way everywhere else so I thought I'd come down and say goodbye. I'm not sure how good mother's internet access is from Paris this year - last year it was abysmal - so I can't promise I'll be online much as I probably won't, but I'll check e-mail as often as I can. (My phone does work abroad if you need me.)

Have a fantastic week, boys and girls. I'll be back on the 27th and up and about again the next day, ready to take on London once again. I hope Christmas is magic for those of you that do Christmas, and if you don't, I hope you nevertheless enjoy a week in which everything is covered in tinsel and there are candles and fairy lights and stuff.

Love to all - I'll be around for a couple of hours yet if anyone wants anything.

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