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Things I have learned from watching TV tonight...

* Ben from the course I was on last year is surprisingly modest. I know this because otherwise he would have e-mailed round the course list to tell us he was going to be on What The Butler Saw tonight, coaching the remaining contestants in debating skills. Bless him. He's so cute. And he was on TV!

* Malcolm McDowell is only going to stop being sexy when he's dead, and even then I suspect they'll find some way of keeping him around so he can play undead villains. I want one.

* Michael Winner can be obnoxious on any subject. I knew this already, but it's always good to have the point rammed home, I find.

* There is a fine line between art and everything else. It must be a difficult one to walk. I don't envy film directors.

* Did I mention Malcolm McDowell? Oh, I did, didn't I. Oh well. I may have learned other things, but I think I stopped paying attention whenever he was on screen tonight, which was a lot, as I was watching a Channel 5 gratuitous excuse for sex and violence documentary on film censorship.


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