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The Heist part II

More, more, more. There really should be more of this kind of thing on TV. Because it's good. And it makes me fall off the sofa and make amusing squeaking noises.

For verily, I am not at the pub, due to having not been nearly well enough to go. Which was unfortunate, but I'm glad I was in to see this week's Heist. Which, once again, they pulled off without any trouble. "We're not allowed to use any threats of violence, or any violence, which...which is gutting for me, because really that was my thing," said Terry, this week's anti-hero. I want one.

Tired now though. Really not at all well in any way.

adjectivemarcus, please can you give me a call or drop me an e-mail and tell me where I'm meant to be tomorrow? Thank you.


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