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Saturday involved shopping with adjectivemarcus (who is very patient), picking up things for parts of my wayward family and generally making myself feel better by Buying Stuff, which is always a helpful sort of thing to do. Having not had any sleep I then went entirely exanimate at him, which led to a fairly odd evening, followed by the excellence that was katyha's Xmas party. Wonderful to see everyone (far too many people to list) and although I was exhausted by the end, I did have a very good time.

And yesterday, as I've mentioned, involved a trip to Crystal Palace with zoo_music_girl and a number of people, not all of whose LJ names I'm going to remember if I try now, so I won't. ~s~
Crystal Palace is a very, very strange place. The dinosaurs, though, were incredibly cool, fortunately located out of eyeshot of the hideous sports ground, and looked like we'd just rounded a corner and surprised them all into turning to stone. It was very cold, and I was in something of a strange mood anyway because the grounds of the former Palace had a certain amount of atmosphere (if anyone but me, ever, has seen The Amazing Mr Blunden, it was all very like that) and because I wasn't very well. But we had a good day, and childeric is lovely and looked after me, and zoo_music_girl likewise, when we got back to hers. (Hot ribena with cloves in)++++++

I wanted to write a more detailed and generally better update, but I only made it back to sleep at 7 this morning and now I'm up again and I feel like death in a freezer. So I can't. Sorry. ~s~

Still, poking myself into wakefulness so I can go and meet flick for lunch, which will be a Good Thing.


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