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And now an update on Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars.

No, really. They have put my childhood on DVD and yesterday, thanks to adjectivemarcus noticing this in the first place, I went and bought it. (Forbidden Planet had sold out. I think this is wonderful.)
You know when you watch old things from your childhood and they look incredibly dated and a bit tragic and you feel slightly embarrassed? Somewhat bizarrely, this hasn't happened to me with this - possibly because I always knew how bad it was (green rabbit + magic cat + one-eyed robot + four-armed duck + baboon + human + toads does not, really, equal televisual genius). But it's still great fun to watch. And I still think it's cool. And I'm sure this won't surprise anyone but I still have a crush on Bucky; I think (I hope) it's his voice.
Speaking of voices, have just discovered Toad Air Marshal (and Sonic's Dr Robotnik as well, which doesn't surprise me) voiced by Long John Baldry. Oh the strange world of cartoon voiceovers. ~fear~

I'll write up the rest of the weekend tomorrow, when hopefully I'll be feeling less like I've been hit by a steamroller. I'm going to try to make it out to Crystal Palace today, but I may collapse halfway there - I'm really not very well. Never mind, I have a green freedom-fighting rabbit to help me, there is nothing I cannot do.

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