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Checking in

Hello. I wish I had something to say other than 'people good, idiots bad, music good, depression bad', but, y'know, I don't. ~s~ But I wouldn't want you to think I didn't love you all any more...

Yesterday I went to visit katyha and company and spent a very lovely, very wintry afternoon window-shopping and then doing crosswords. Today there was a certain amount of aimlessly flicking through music TV channels, and then largely nothing, and then I came home, via the charity shops in Clapham where I inexplicably seem to have bought a very silly Dragonlance-based game. Heigh ho, at least I haven't bought that lamp yet.

Tonight's film, showing at eleven (with a prequel entitled 'Queen Anne's Dead') is the ever-popular "Gosh, Type O Negative Are Really Quite Good, Aren't They?"

Edit : Um. Shiny.

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