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All I wish is to dream again

Today has been awful in a very quiet, wintry sort of way. I hope tomorrow will be better; looking forward to visiting katyha. Mother rang earlier and went on at me about how I'm always unhappy, and how I should feel bad that she doesn't have a chirpy voice to talk to when she rings me up. Strangely this didn't help; I hope she gets the brain cell back soon.

I have watched Strictly Come Dancing for the first time this series; forgotten how much I want to be thoroughly ravished by like Aled Jones. It's so wrong. Perhaps I've just spent too long on my own today.

There is currently an opera version of The Little Prince on BBC2, which I am taping if anyone happens to be likely to want a copy. Edit : Which you should. You all should. That really was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Floods of tears, but mostly in a good way. So, so beautiful. Wow.

All the same. Would like to stop being unhappy now, almost as much as my mum would like me to...

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