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I will never mock anyone else's sense of style ever again.

Well, all right, that's blatantly untrue. But still.
I have just been to Pikeymart Elephant & Castle shopping centre. There's one of those 'shop at the end of the universe' type shops, where absolutely essential stuff like telephone flexes and batteries nestles beside stuff that most of the world could never ever possibly want ever, like enormous ceramic cheetahs you'd find in cheap casinos, or Father Christmases with fibre-optic beards.
Today in the window there was a new lamp. The base is a pair of legs in stilettos and stockings and the shade is in the form of a corset and the bottom of a red dress. It is groundbreakingly hideous and I want it so much I nearly smashed the shop window to get at it. I'd like to pretend I'm shocked at myself, but really, I'm not.

I think we can all thank our various gods that I don't, in fact, earn my own money, because if I did that lamp would now be lighting me as I write this.

Dear oh dear. Save me from myself.

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