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"Be prepared to take your turn in the game of up and down..."

Really very very lovely day with nisaba, going mask-shopping in Spitalfields and marvelling at all the gorgeousness in Queens and then sitting with coffee and coke and discussing the perils of Cambridge and wedding dresses (alas, the site I was telling you about has vanished, which is a real shame) and stupid stupid goths who are stupid, and the possibility of barbie dolls of our favourite goth boys, and all that sort of thing.

Despite the stupid stupid goths who are stupid, and the fact that I am an idiot and upset someone I love (although I think we're ok now, or at least we will be), I am still mostly perky this morning, though worried about various people - but there's nothing I can do from here. So a day of cross stitch it is, again. ~s~

And I watched What The Butler Saw again last night - why am I still watching this? - but thankfully had the sound off when two of the women started to butcher Rossini's Cat Duet...

No further news from me. What's yours?


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