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"Seen something, have we, my Happiness?"*

First I'd like to thank, from the bottom of my heart (and it's quite a big heart so that's quite a lot of thanks), asrana, who is the best best friend anyone could possibly have and rescued me last night in ways far above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you. I love you.

In other news -
1) Bought the new Gwen Stefani album myself yesterday. It is fabulous. Should review it properly at some point. Will. Also new Delays single, which is not just good but comes in silver holographic packaging. Yay!
2) After a couple of technological false starts, met up with andyravensable last night for much listening to music and talking and stuff. He still hasn't run away and is clearly therefore insane. I'm trying to avoid letting him realise this though.

Seeing nisaba today for gossip and caffeine and mask shopping. Hurrah! Life is great.


*If you haven't seen the adverts, you should have. They're very strange.
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