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Some people get by with a little understanding...

Well, that was roughly as incensing and pointless as I'd expected, but at least I don't have to go back. This time I think my favourite conversation was the one that went :
Me : ...so I'm a bit worried about that.
fx : drill starts up next door
Her : I'm sorry about the drill.
Me : It's ok.
Her : It must be upsetting you, because in a way it's like your worries, drilling into your happiness. You know, boring a way in - and I suppose that can be a bit boring, too. [In which she looks very pleased with herself.]
Me : [In which I look disbelieving.] ...you must be very good at crosswords.

Still. Don't have to go back. And although it's been raining on my parade hard enough to almost drown me over the last 24 hours, I seem to still be just about keeping my head above water. Not sure what to do with myself for the rest of today, of course, but time seems to pass by itself if I leave it alone for long enough.

Edit : And it's very, very, very, very, very cold. But you knew that.

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