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Entertain me...

...please. This evening is moving so slowly that I'm beginning to wonder whether I should just give up and go to sleep now to get it over with. I'd like to carry on cross stitching but my shoulders ache too much to even pick it up - I'm not sure what's responsible for that, but, y'know. Ow.
So out of sympathy for me, or just to stop me whining, entertain me?

Poll #385136 I'm as blank as can be...

Tell me something I don't know :

Ask me something you don't know the answer to :

Name a song I should listen to :

Answers to people added under here as they come to me :
zellah : You're right, I didn't know that. And the answer to your question is no, although jealousy is occasionally crippling enough to make it seem that way. But I'm past that now.

kneeshooter : In answer to your question, I haven't the faintest idea, but if you work it out I want to be the first to know.

duranorak : It doesn't matter, as well you ought to know. (But if he does, we like this one.)

fluffymormegil : I don't know. Some of mine vibrate - does that indicate that the answer is yes? :)

zotz : Obviously I don't know the answer. But thank you for making me think about it.

heteronormative : Invariably, but the world may have changed such that this is no longer the right place for him to be doing it.

nickys : No, though I used to visit often with my parents. It's a beautiful city, but I couldn't live there, I don't think.

ravenevermore : 'Bowl' and 'goat' are inherently funny words, apart from anything else. And incidentally, I quite *like* The Eagles.

katyha : That's wonderful! And to answer your question...eh...no better than I expected, I suppose. There was a lot of whitewashing and steamrollering and the like. I have Now Officially Given Up. (You may need to remind me of this at some point.)

ghoti : 1) I stand by what I said last year, but you're a different person now and if I were closer to you I might well say differently now. Whatever happens, you deserve good good things. 2) I'd guess when you next come down to London. The weekend convinced me that I am really better off avoiding Cambridge.

envoy : Yes, absolutely, as long as once you get here you make sure to listen to what people are telling you.

dj_pooka : Congratulations! Spend it with her then? (And you're right, I've not listened to that in far too long. Thank you. :)

childeric : You worry me. And in answer to your question, I've no idea - do I even know who she is?

ankaret : It wasn't me, you know - I can only assume either he got there by himself or there's something I should know and don't. ~sigh~ All my kicks on that subject always missed. To answer your question, the situation between myself and, for example, childeric is largely the same (although which of us is technically dead is up for debate) - sometimes life's just like that. :) Oh, and I love you.

xraycb : It's a Monday night and all the half-decent television is over and you felt like it? I can't think of anything else. :)

mrph : Oh! Oh, that. Yes, I know I was right about that. Otherwise I wouldn't have said it. ~grin~ And I don't know where your brain is, but 'Dinner Without Grace' is on the tape ankaret gave me and I rather like it, yes.

andyravensable : Because you are a corporate whore, I presume. ~grin~ And about tomorrow - I've been wondering the same thing myself. Naturally surprised you have, though. Oh, and if that's the remix of 'White And Alive' that I've got, then it is indeed absolutely excellent on many levels.

lovelyoliver : I don't know, get giolla to do it maybe? He's looked into these things more than I have...

flannelcat : Ow, my head - you do mean who I think you mean, don't you? And in answer to your question, I've no idea - like I ever really speak to him these days...

rathenar : Yes, yes, of course you can! I'm sorry, I don't even remember you asking...I'm hopeless.

kiaransalyn : What was I doing? And I've not been writing very much of late, so probably not all that well, unfortunately.

therosewilde : Squeak. ~smile~ Six foot, which makes me slightly shorter than you IIRC...?


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