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Argh. The people at college are useless.

Was supposed to be having a rehearsal with my accompanist for mini-concert on Wednesday but the front desk had triple-booked the room she booked last week with three people who weren't here, so now I don't get to rehearse with a piano at all, which is not desperately helpful.

Never mind. Have listened to Neubauten's 'Stella Maris' enough times that I feel much calmer than I did an hour ago and tonight will mostly involve comedy television, so that's good. And tomorrow I get to MST3K Dungeons & Dragons with adjectivemarcus, so that's good too. Actually the whole week is looking pretty good, really. And SC on Friday. Yes.

But, argh. I mean, I don't get nervous about performing, really, but not having a chance to rehearse once with a piano is Not A Good Thing. ~sigh~
And. time. is. moving. very. slowly. Sunday Driver's version of 'Martha's Harbour' is helping, though...


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