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"Won't you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new..."

Yes, well. That really was rather a fine B-Movie. Much thanks to fluffymark for standing and giggling with me at the beginning and giving me sugar (it's good, you know) and that sort of thing. Love to ladymoonray and nisaba (they're still at it in my head, make it stop), and apologies to moral_vaccuum for not actually realising I'd met him before (nobody told me your LJ name at the time, damn it), and hugs to childeric and wechsler and valkyriekaren and lolliepopp and flannelcat, who is the Duracell bunny in human form, and I'm not entirely sure about the 'human' bit at that. ~s~ And many thanks to andyravensable for excellent conversation and not being quite as frightening to talk to as I'd feared, and accepting that I am in fact not a man with as much good grace as anyone could. ~grin~

I think the music was better this month (d_floorlandmine played a great set) and I might, just might, be in a position to go back again in January. Maybe. It was crowded as hell of course, but mostly by people I was happy to have around, so, y'know. Maybe.

And today, Cambridge. I will be at wildeabandon's party tonight, though may not stay in circulation for long, and tomorrow I am being played music I don't like by blackmetalbaz so he can explain why I should like it. ~s~ See some of you up there, and some of the rest of you when I get back.

Edit : Oh, by the way, has anyone found a way to solve this 'unable to custom-filter posts' problem?


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