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I didn't mean to...

...but Virgin's 5 For £30 deal is evil and I was feeling a little sorry for myself (I have another migraine; joy) so I ended up buying some DVDs. (Somehow five CDs for £30 doesn't seem like nearly as good a deal as 5 DVDs, or I'd have bought some music as well. But hey.) So I now have Jason Isaacs at his most swashbuckling, Gene Wilder at his most afearing, Johnny Depp at his second most unconvincing, Tom Cruise at his most endearing, and something to watch with adjectivemarcus. I am pleased.

Also because coffee last night with giolla was lovely, and then I went over to see asrana, aegidian et all and djm4 has given me a Momus CD. Bounce! I shall be heading back over there once I've got my stuff for tomorrow's party together. It will be mostly black. ~grin~

Love to anyone who wants it; hugs likewise.


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