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It's that time again

Whitby galleries going up every day and suddenly I feel I have a vocation again. ~grin~ But seriously.
Speaking of which, does anyone know who this is?
And I've only seen about ten photographs of people I know. Where are you all? Tsk.

Quiet night in watching dreadful television last night, but got lots of cross stitching done and it does sort of help. Other things I should mention : kissycat1000 sent me a gorgeous CD full of things I'll be making lots of you listen to very soon; wechsler has lent me, among other things, the Auf Der Maur album, which I must now buy because everything on it is wonderful (spikeylady, if you've not heard this, you need to a lot); Hallowe'en party this weekend which I am very much looking forward to. Life is not *good* as such, but it is at least ongoing.

It would be ongoing better if there were more Whitby galleries, though. ~g~

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