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Needing about as much persuasion as Courtney Love...

Oh, ok then. ~s~ Since people say a small music post might be a good thing today, just a couple of things -

Out of curiosity I bought the single 'All Eyes' by Chikinki - people have been describing them as an electroclash band, so I thought I'd see what they were on about. I must confess I wouldn't ever have described them as electroclash - they seem to be chirpy electro indie - but the single is rather good if you'd like something that sounds a bit like Mansun with a synthesiser grounding. Not sure I'll be buying the album though.

Two albums that *are* going on my want list, though, are The Tension And The Spark by Darren Hayes, and This Island by Le Tigre.
The former because Darren Hayes has come a fair way since leaving Savage Garden, by the sound of it. I was concerned that the fabulous 'Pop!ular' was a one-off, but having heard the follow-up single 'Darkness' the other day, I have much more confidence in the consistent quality of this album of his. 'Darkness' is gorgeous, subtle, shadowy, starlit. And I'm not sure he realises it, but it's so directly inspired by 'Mad World' by Tears For Fears that it's almost funny. I like it a lot, though.

I'd seen the Le Tigre album kicking around in HMV for a month or so, but yesterday they actually had it at one of the listening stations, so I thought I'd give it a go. It looked like the kind of thing I'd probably get on with. And it sort of was, though it wasn't what I was expecting at all - from the cover I was thinking maybe breezy European-style electropop à la Les Rhythmes Digitales. It actually sounds more like...well, imagine a recording studio triple-booked by Altered Images, Shampoo and Bow Wow Wow. It sounds a bit like that.

That's all I wanted to say, I think, except that I bought 'Rise Of The Eagles' by the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster on gold! foil! vinyl! last week and I still have collector joy about it. ~s~
I am also currently writing the DurAnorak Guide To Constructed Pop (for those of you who think Ronan Keating was in Take That, and similar).
Gwen Stefani single out November 15 and you should all buy it. ~s~ That's all.


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