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I am hiding a great deal at the moment - if I've not replied to e-mails please forgive me, it's not because I don't love you, it's just because I can't reply to them; if I've not replied to texts it's because I don't have any credit and I'm not getting any more for a little while because I'm hiding. If you need me, call me, as always.

This afternoon a young man called Adam who is, I think, in second year at the Guildhall came into our performance class type thing (which we've been sharing with the second year) and sang at us, a lot. Anyone else would likely have bored me to tears (he sang a particularly deadly Wolf song and something from Mendelssohn's Elijah, in amongst other, livelier things - I would normally have been struggling to stay awake) but he was absolute magic to watch. Didn't hurt that his first piece was Leporello's Madamina aria from Don Giovanni, and he performed it with more élan than any young man should have. He's probably gay. Sigh. ~s~

But it was good, and off to see the professionals attempt it in quarter of an hour or so, and I'm terribly excited. Although I wish I were going alone, as the French boy who's been so good as to organise this is so terribly, wilfully *sweet* to me and I can't help but feel I keep disappointing him. Ah well, it's probably just me.

Also, I'm going to keep saying this - many, many of you should be reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. And if you're not, I want to know why. ~smile~

Right. Back into hiding. Sorry, it's all very difficult just at the moment.


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