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Hiding from the world again at the moment, but just wanted to say - just watched CD:UK, which is always a fairly entertaining experience, to discover that :

* Someone's let Depeche Mode re-release 'Enjoy The Silence'. Saves us having to listen to anything new, I suppose.

* Busted are still great. Deal with it.

* Brian Macfadden sort of almost has a half decent song about to come out, in which he comes down like a ton of bricks on the catholic church, or at least the upbringing it gave him. Interesting.

* U2 have a stunning new single coming up. It's very very very very good.

* ...right now, though apparently it's a very close-run thing, the Manic Street Preachers are number one. I know I said I wished they'd stop making music, but I'll now grant them special dispensation for having knocked Duncan & Keedie down to number three. Hurrah.
But, I mean, the Manics at number one? It's been a good eight years or so since they were last there, surely?

Oh, and poor Geri really has lost the plot rather completely. She looks great, though. But is quite clearly totally mad. Ah well.


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