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These things just find me.

Yesterday, on my way to katyha's for what became an entertaining evening of labelling tapes and laughing at my disapproval of her music taste, I stopped off in the British Heart Foundation shop in Clapham Junction. I'd gone through the videos and one rack of the CDs all the way to the end when katyha rang me and I left the shop. Heading back to Clapham Junction this morning I passed the shop again and got a few shops down the street before I decided that for some reason I had to go back in. Didn't know why, just had to. Didn't really have time (I was on my way to college); didn't care, had to go back.

I went to look at the records in case it was something there that I was supposed to find, and then realised I hadn't finished going through the CDs. Behind 'Beautiful Day' by U2 in the second rack, the very next thing I'd have seen if I'd stayed yesterday, was this, which is an album called Igloo by a band called Superheroes. The cover meant I had to look closer, the song title 'New Romantic Sounds' meant I had to buy it, and now I'm listening to it and it's lovely. Chirpy European romo-pop of the highest order. Absolutely gleeful, joyous summery nonsense. I like it very much. (So much that I can forgive the singer for being partially responsible for Junior Senior.)

These things just find me.

Edit : Oh, and Don Giovanni next Wednesday, not tonight, because Jean could only have got one ticket for tonight. Doesn't matter though. Quiet evening in with cross stitch will do me fine.


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