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I'd like to do the poetry meme (the extent of which seems to be 'post a poem in your journal', although if I've missed something let me know) but can't possibly choose just one to post. Sometimes I think I love poetry even more than fictional prose. On the other hand, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is taking up an awful lot of my time at the moment. It really is unbelievably good and at least two thirds of you should be reading it.

This morning is mostly being spent doing washing up, which I still can't make myself do without somehow imagining that I'm being watched over by a debonairly authoritarian gentleman with a riding crop or somesuch. One day I will learn to be able to do housework for its own sake. Maybe. ~g~

Off to see the counsellor again this afternoon. Must finish clearing up before father gets here though. Nearly finished mother's cross stitch. Don't have enough time to settle to it today though, and going to katyha's tonight for tape labelling and gossip. (No, really.) Must remember to take Italian homework with me.

As you were.


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