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There's a secret genetic development project somewhere...

...and I've just seen one of the results of it on CD:UK. Obviously they've taken lovelyoliver, Gareth Gates and Brian Molko and from them created a lipsticked superbeing - the lead singer of new band Do Me Bad Things.
They don't actually sound all that good - a bit like Rocket From The Crypt if they'd formed in Croydon and the local grocer's wife had insisted on joining in the singing and getting her WI friends to come and help. A little bit like The Hives performing at a church charity bake sale. But hey. The singer is quite, quite ridiculously cute, so I don't care.

Fully intend to do another music roundup very soon. Not enough material today, though, and besides, the fact that Duncan and Keedie are number one (of course they are) is frankly just disheartening.

But I thought I should warn you to look out for these kids. And they probably sound better when not live on CD:UK - it seems to do horrible things to bands with actual instruments...


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