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Morpheus irritated me last night as well - of course. A few days ago I met someone I like very much, although I didn't mention it to them at the time (and haven't since), and last night I dreamed that I ended up jumping out of a window because he got one of his friends to pass on the message "You're really weird, and anyway I could never find you attractive because you're not gorgeous like spikeylady - why couldn't you have been attractive, for fuck's sake? That might have helped. Then again, maybe not - you are really weird, after all. You haven't got a chance, you may as well give up."
Thank you, subconscious, bored now, heard this all before. ~sigh~

So I barely got any sleep because the dreams in which I'm dying are categorically not the best I've ever had. I've had a text off blackmetalbaz asking if I'm free this afternoon and I'd love to see him, but I know wildeabandon is supposed to be turning up at some point, though I've no idea when, and I'd ring her and find out but she's with dennyd and argh.

And Libera give me the shivers because they sound like the theme tunes for all those wonderful children's programmes I was talking about this week. Which for some obscure reason is making me cry. Eh.

We now return you to your regular scheduled, and that. There's no point going on about last night.

"Standing alone in the light
You could see her cry
With a smile and a wink
And a sparkle in her eyes
She calmly sighed, I will be all right..."


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