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So, weekend then.

In very short summary, it was on the whole an excellent weekend. But for those of you who'd maybe like a little more detail, and me, who likes writing LJ posts, have a much longer update, broken into handy day-shaped segments...

Headed out to Finsbury Park in the afternoon to meet djm4 and katyha, all of us bouncing at the prospect of a road trip. Sitting in a car with lovely people and travelling through places I'll never go to is one of my favourite ways to pass the time. Spinning out of London in a direction I've not taken before, we headed for the depths of Yorkshire, stopping briefly at a service station where we were intrigued by a leaflet for the National Fishing Heritage Museum which promised "Extremes, Danger and Death" but couldn't quite tell us how. Driving through the rain across the Yorkshire Moors in the early evening to the strains of 'Mercy Street' by Peter Gabriel and 'Tea In The Sahara' by The Police was utterly gorgeous. Music in cars is good.

Made it to the pub/B&B in which neilhudson's lovely wife's party was taking place, dusted ourselves off, changed and reemerged into a rather odd atmosphere altogether - lots of people we didn't know and a small coterie of northern goths, wincing at the music, which featured The Vengaboys and 'Rock DJ' and much worse in between. This was eventually rectified - I assume a goth stormed the decks and hanged the DJ - by the playing of Lots And Lots Of EBM, and the odd Depeche Mode and March Violets track. And 'Closer' by Nine Inch Nails. In a room full of quiet and reserved Yorkshire people and grandmothers and small children and things. ~shakes head~ It shouldn't have been nearly as funny as it was...

We gave up around eleven, tired from the journey and talking over loud VNV Nation. For the sake of general convenience I slept on the floor of the room djm4 and katyha were sharing, and dreamed about Boris Johnson, a piano that would play nothing but 'The Entertainer', and a goth cobra with a hood covered in jet drop earrings. Which would be cool.

Encounters : neilhudson, his lovely wife, and some goths called Fraggle and Vicky whom some of you might know.
Acquisitions : Leaflet advertising Christmas banquets at the Robin Hood experience type thing. One year we must.

It being djm4 and katyha, we left at an entirely reasonable time on Saturday morning, which was good, as was walking out of the door of the B&B to a vista of Yorkshire moorland (which I've never seen), the air full of mist and the beginnings of rain. It was very, very beautiful.
There was driving through more beautiful countryside, with an excellent MP3 CD of djm4's on - particular highlights include 'Ladykillers' by Lush (haven't heard it in ages) and 'Free World' by Kirsty MacColl - and eventually there was arrival in Edinburgh at the almost-erstwhile flat of purplerabbits and sibelian. We hugged lolliepopp, then collapsed for a little while and I called my dad, whose birthday it also was; purplerabbits gave me a couple of extraordinary early 90s magazines featuring those bizarre Japanese goth bands who are awfully pretty in a way I don't understand. Then we were introduced to their street, which is full of shops with shiny things and More Spooky Kids Than I Have Ever Seen Anywhere Ever. I bought things. So did almost everyone else. On returning to the flat I also bought clothes from purplerabbits. This is good. :)

There was also a party, which was very odd in places, but good fun for the most part, although I got very crowd-shy and disappeared into a room with spikeylady for a bit. This was also good though. :)
There were lots and lots of people (I'll namecheck people at the bottom of the day) and a £5 ice cream maker of Wrong, which churned out what looked like liquid Barbie and tasted oddly like pink coconut and there was cake and balloon animals and amusingly stoned goths and The Forthright Trousers Of Edinburgh and the like. It was good and I'm very glad I went, although it all felt a little strange. So many people I didn't know. In theory I knew this would be happening, but I think the journey had anaesthetised me to the possibility a bit. ~s~

Encounters : purplerabbits, sibelian, lolliepopp, zotz, nickys, pavlos, selectnone, spikeylady, ciphergoth, skx, lilitufire, hfnuala, bootpunk and many, many others whose LJ names - or even real names - I don't know.
Acquisitions : Strange Japanese magazines, two skirts, a lace collar and a beautiful jacket from purplerabbits; 'Evil Heat' by Primal Scream and the unexpected Goldfrapp DVD from Fopp Records; a photo of Doug Bradley as Pinhead from katyha (thank you!).

zotz had very kindly let me crash at his, so Sunday morning involved being played Half Man Half Biscuit and some very strange cover versions - it's ok, I did ask for it. And the unheard of circumstance of me listening to a Chameleons song not played at a club and liking it. Heigh ho. More music shopping in my future. Shame. :)
Was also brought tea by dryad_wombat and met her cat, about whom I've read so much. It's a very pretty, very intelligent cat. I want one. ~smile~

There was then a trip to the beach in the car of lilitufire, marvelling at her taste in music. :) The beach was, well, a beach; very beautiful, very big, made me wish I were at home in a lot of ways. It was good though, and I spent lots of time chatting with the lovely spikeylady and failing to collect shells and then watched spikeylady and ciphergoth run down sand dunes like eight year olds. It was very cute.
Made our way back to purplerabbits's flat and came to a decision to go to a local Indian which was Very Good Indeed. Had a huge discussion about what songs we'd put in Room 101 - I'd imagine this will see the light of LiveJournal over the next couple of days. ~s~ Most of us headed back to the flat to continue said conversation, but there was a general early collapse really, we were all very very tired.

Encounters : Some of Saturday's people, plus a dryad_wombat and a grahamb. And a cat. And a fuzzy caterpillar that lolliepopp found.
Acquisitions : A shell; several pots of glitter, a brooch and some scrunchies from what remained of purplerabbits's lucky dip; more knowledge about the terrible songs that perfectly sensible people like than I ever wanted to have. :)

Monday mostly involved a glorious drive down with a detour to visit Sherwood Forest, because djm4 is lovely. ~s~ Alas, Michael Praed entirely failed to jump out at me from behind anything. Never mind.

But yes. Very good weekend in most places. Favourite quotes include "You make me wish I came with attachments" and "But the Black Death is still more child-friendly than sex". Thank you all you wonderful people, see some of you again sometime I hope...


Incidentally, listening to the Primal Scream album now. It is very very very very very good. Which is a nice surprise really, only bought it for one song. ~s~

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