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Back from Edinburgh. It was a lovely four days; update tomorrow.

Tonight, though, is unbearable. I knew it would be bad; I didn't know it would be this bad. I am therefore going to go and curl up with the Goldfrapp DVD I bought on Saturday and hope it makes the horribleness go away, even for a few minutes. Awful awful awful. I feel like I've died.

I know, I know. Goth goth goth. ~grin~ Sorry. There were a lot of them in Edinburgh, and it's catching...

This is technically a song, though it doesn't have a tune. Which explains why some bits of it slightly fail to scan.

"Somewhere in this tired autumn city
There's a pretty boy who doesn't know my name.
He's got half my heart on a piece of paper;
The end result of a thoughtless game.

You'll see him out there, but he chooses what you notice -
Chameleon colours give him somewhere to hide.
Pretty boy, you know I've got you down,
You couldn't guess this was about you if you tried...

And you were unavailable
It was what made you beautiful
So this is unbelievable,
This image in my eyes.
So pretty, so unbearable,
Fucking incomprehensible,
But all too undeniable :
The camera never lies.

You all know me well and I'll try hard to be happy,
To smile and kiss the hand that dealt the slap to my face,
But I'll never forget that I crucified an angel
And he didn't let me catch him in his fall from grace."


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