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Postcards from the edge...

Or something considerably less melodramatic than that. I've had a lovely day with katyha watching Bugsy Malone and CATS and looking up Nick Moran online and stuff, and a lovely evening with katyha and adjectivemarcus and dr_d watching Carnivale, which is absolutely wonderful. May write more about this at some point.

What else? Oh, have the fear. Ageing rocker Joe Jackson has teamed up with William Shatner - yes, I said William Shatner - to cover 'Common People' by Pulp. Yes, really. No, I've not heard it yet. Yes, it's wrong. No, I don't need to hear it to know that.

I think I've given up on the idea of seeing The Faint tomorrow - I'm not really up to doing gigs at the moment. So I shall be going to asrana's instead, to rant at her about people and listen to her enthuse about Hero (which, apparently, everyone but me must go and see at once) and things.

And now I should sleep. Tomorrow there will be class and I *will* make it in and survive a whole day again. Damn it.


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