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Well, fuck.

No Tenebrae after all. Bastards. I suggest in that case that we all head to The Dev on Friday night and I watch you beautiful people get drunk, and laugh.
They are trying to arrange a final night, but if it looks hopeful to you from here, I envy you your glasses.

I don't know why I'm so upset about this. I'm only a part time goth (though the other half of me goes clubbing at Gossips too) and while I can get very geeky about London's musical social history, I never went to the Batcave - because I wasn't born. Why should I care? I don't for a moment believe it means or heralds or is symptomatic of the death of the 'alternative scene' - heavens forfend that a scene should be so weak that the closing of a venue should come close to destroying it. I think what it is is that it feels like we are being whitewashed and painted over, like what we are being replaced with is somehow 'better'. I find that offensive. Especially if the damn thing starts pulling in people like the ones I went to school with - and you know it will.

There's nothing I can do about it. I can't say "Oh, I wish I'd made the effort to go to Gossips" because I *did*, absolutely whenever I could. It wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference if we'd all gone every night; I've met the new management. If they wanted a white-walled wine bar, that was what they were going to get, if they had to *threaten* us to get us to leave.

I am very unhappy. This is just part of a much wider unhappiness, but it's the only bit I can tell you lot about, I guess.

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