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I have faith in my Friends list.

I'm sure one of you will be able to help me with this, or at least will know a man who can.
You see, I've been hearing that excellent Guns N Roses track 'Welcome To The Jungle' for years, but I've only just seen the video. And. I need - not want, need - a copy of it. (I also need a copy of the song, but that's easier.)
When I say 'need', I mean that I will pine away if I do not, sometime, come into ownership of it. I will whimper and fade and become transparent and weak with longing as I try to hold close to me the unreliable memories of the astounding beauty of which that video consists.

Hyperbole aside, can any of you help me? I won't die without it, obviously, but. But. God. So. Pretty.


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