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Had a lovely girls' night type thing at trishpiglet's last night, with the lovely some_fox, emmy_mallow and vicki_t_veg - there was much ice cream and gossip and chatting and '10 Things I Hate About You' which is not as bad a film as I had feared. It was indeed very girly, and good and relaxing and fun - thank you all. xxx

Today dennyd should be dropping by at some point, which will be good, and tomorrow I am at katyha's pre-Bicon art party despite having no intention of doing any art and my not going to Bicon. Oh well. ~s~

Hope everyone's ok, and stuff. It all seems a bit unsettled at the moment. Hugs and love and things to them as wants or needs it.

Edit : Also, was just trying (and failing) to write some nonsense in lyrical_glitter about Stephen King's short story 'The Langoliers' which I read the other day; just looked it up and found that they filmed it, with the best character (Nick Hopewell) being played by Mark Lindsey Chapman. Which will not mean a thing to any of you, but he played Dr Arcane in Swamp Thing and I used to be awfully taken with him. (IMDB)++


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