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There is someone I want to find, hunt down, and hurt a lot.

I don't know who they are, but I know what they do. They write songs. They write the songs that make the kitten cry. They write songs for a young lady by the name of Jentina, someone I believe I've mentioned before. And the songs, musically, are stunning. Which is why I want to *hurt* this person, because they are wasting really, really good tunes on a performer who possesses the musical equivalent of what Terry Pratchett called "charisn'tma". She actually has *anti*-talent. She is a black hole into which talent is sucked, disappearing almost without trace.
Listen out for 'French Kisses'. It's endearingly terrible. And, oh, the video! The man she goes for! It's all just awful, in a particularly hilarious kind of way. Although not as dreadful, and therefore not as good, as 'Bad Ass Strippa' was, it does feature all the fun of the lines "Won't stop workin' till you call me up, I'm still crazy for your horny love" and "I'll start screaming through the walls; my body wants you" which are fairly impressive in their own right.

Also noticed with much joy last night that the world is about to see the slight return of Alcazar, a wonderful European disco band who are, effectively, Tight Fit. This is a good thing - the music world needs a bit more silliness, especially in the month that Bryan from Westlife grows a beard, sits down with a guitar and sings about "English tea". Save us, Alcazar! Descend on us with your tacky glitter and gay gay gay male singer and absurd hair and strange mix of 'Land Of Confusion' by Genesis with 'Upside Down' by Diana Ross. (Seriously.)

Tee hee. Over at http://www.jentina.co.uk marvelling at the wrong. Apparently she's sleeping with Keith from the Prodigy. I fear this.


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