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Yesterday I had an extremely good day, half spent wandering and chatting with kelemvor, who is lovely and took me to see Shrek 2 again just so I could catch the end of the credits. ~smile~ Thank you! ~bounce~
The evening was spent at djm4's being cooked divine dinner and watching Jonathan Creek and, really, there are probably ways to spend an evening that are theoretically as good, but there's definitely nothing better. And because djm4 is wonderful, he has left me here with the run of the Jonathan Creek DVDs. Which is a very good thing, although he may return to find me whimpering "Alan Davies...want one..." and not a lot else. ~g~

But this is just what I need at the moment. And it's helping. Thank you, people, you rock.

Would reply more to comments but I have to stop typing every couple of words to move a cat off my hands, and in any case, Alan Davies is waiting for me downstairs...

Love to all,

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