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Nightmares and dreamscapes

Gosh, I had a heck of a nightmare last night. Not writing it up for duranorakdreams because it's not all that interesting, just involved my house turning against me and my family not realising they were trying to kill me and not believing me when I tried to point it out. (And then, bizarrely, going home with my dad to find a small Japanese girl in our garden borrowing the key for the local church, but I don't think that was related.) Meh. Talk about manifestation of guilt. Cheers, Morpheus. ~sigh~

Today though I think I shall fight the blues (which are more like deep blacks at the moment) by going on the picnic zoo_music_girl has so kindly invited me to join her on. ~smile~

So, so grateful for everyone who's being supportive and good to me at the moment. Thank you all so much.


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