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Oh, so much to say...

...bet I only say half of it...sigh...

1) LJ Netiquette is beyond me. I was talking to asrana last night about how she knows such cool people on LiveJournal, and she told me she just goes through random journals and people's friends lists and stuff, and then just adds people to her friends list.
And I thought, "I couldn't do that! They'd think I was stalking them!" And yet here I am, probably doing just that (if I can get the colours sorted out; oh yes, only the important things for me!) because I so desperately want to know this person!
Oh, help. The last time I did this, it was with Nicky. ~sighs and buries head in hands~
Never again, d'you hear?

2) Hedwig is coming! Hurrah, hurrah! Opens this Friday! ~prays that VirginMGM will have the sense to show it at least for a day~ Even better, the Sunday Telegraph's given it a great review! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

3) I watched most of X-Men : Evolution this morning and spent the whole time thinking "What a disappointment...so much worse than the original...but oh my god, how slashy can it get?!" Now I want to know who they all are.

4) Which reminds me, I need someone who knows about Marvel comics. Any takers, anyone?

5) Hang on, hang on, I said not again! ~cries~

6) What is it with Asian Jameses? Not only is there the aforementioned one, but there's also James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkins, and, I recalled this morning, James of Team Rocket, from Pokémon! What is going ON with the world!

7) I miss asrana. ~sigh~

8) Go on, go out and buy the Goldfrapp album too, you know you want to.

9) Val is so adorable...thank god I've got someone out there reading what I write...~smile~ Thanks, Val.

10) I've just realised one of the lyrics in 'Utopia' (Goldfrapp) is "My dog needs new ears." At least, I think it is. ~checks lyric sheet~ Yup. Well...well, of course. ~baffled~

11) Why do people write songfics? I never understood them.

12) I'm in danger of today ranging through : Nick at 39, Nick at 15, John at corresponding ages, Alex Krycek, various unnamed X-Men, Lars Ulrich, a guy called Adam I used to go to school with, and also, rather tragically, an attractive woman, because - no, dammit! Not again! ~cries more~

13) 13's my lucky number. I should have something happy to say. Oh! I do! I got some *great* makeup yesterday. Yay! Gorgeous, gorgeous nail varnish which I'll probably never use, but who cares? It's *cool*!


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