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Interview Meme II

1. A moth or a butterfly?
Butterfly. I have a horror of moths, though I'm not sure why. I love butterflies, though I go through phases of being unable to be near them on account of their having more than 4 legs.

2. Do you associate certain colours with certain emotions?
I can do, if I think about it, but in general, no. Emotions are things of physical sensation with me, more than of colours or anything more abstract.

3. When you dream can you remember scents, touch and taste as well?
My dreams don't have scents or taste in, but touch, yes, I do. Often wish I didn't, but certainly do.

4. Do you believe in an afterlife?
Yes, though I've no idea which one I'd be heading to. Believing as I do that if people believe something strongly enough it's true, for them at least, I tend to believe that people go to the afterlife (or lack of) associated with what they believe. But since I'm not attached to any religion or anything, I don't know what will happen to me. Maybe I get to choose. :)

5. Apparently there is supposed to be an angel sitting on your right shoulder and a devil sitting upon your left. What are they saying to you?
The angel's saying "What did you have to get me out of bed for? I was enjoying that." and the devil's saying "Go on, ask him about those knives." :)


1) what age did you want to become a singer, and where would you love to sing if any job was open to you?
I've wanted to be a singer for as long as I can remember, though I've wanted to be all sorts of other things along the way as well. As for where I'd love to sing...well, anywhere. But obviously, in classical terms the stage of La Scala in Milan. It's about as good as it gets, that.

2) If you were walking along a street and saw me in the doorway, penniless and starving, and covered in mud, would you recognise me and help me?
Would I recognise you? I don't know. I've not seen particularly many photographs of you. If I'd met you once as you are now, then yes, I probably would. As to helping you, I'd do what I could, but it might not be the help you wanted.

3) what is the food you'd absolutely murder for?
Right now, Marks & Spencer's lemon and pepper chicken, but that's just my current obsession/craving. In general, I'd probably kill for really beautifully cooked venison, or lobster. Mmm, lobster.

4) do you mind living with your parents? what would be the best alternative?
Well, since I'm not actually living where they are most of the time, this rocks pretty hard and I don't tend to mind the times when they are here all that much (even if I do whine a little :) The ideal alternative would be to live as a kept woman with $master or $mistress, obviously. ~grin~

5) where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Everywhere. All the papers and all the channels and all the best restaurants and everywhere. Damn it. :)


* How important are your dreams, and are they in colour?
I love my dreams, and take great delight in them, even the ones that I wake up shaking from. Yes, they're invariably in colour. I don't take them seriously as any kind of warning or predictive force, but they rarely make enough sense to do so anyway, so they're important to me as fascinating entertainment, but not on any higher level.

* If you were given the chance to swap one sense for one psi ability, what would you do?
Give up my sense of smell to be able to do telepathy properly, rather than the half-hearted cross between telepathy and empathy that I have at the moment. In a heartbeat.

* Books or music (and why)?
Um. Music, though of course it's a close thing. I couldn't live without music, and I could probably live without reading another book, not that I would want to. Music is such a huge part of my life, and if there were no more books I wouldn't lose the memories of the ones I'd already read, whereas if I never heard any music again...god, no. Music.

* Kittens or cats?
Um. Surely you can't have one without the other? Though really, however cute kittens may be, I do sort of prefer cats. They don't get that beautiful air of superiority quite right until they stop being kittens.

* Would you like a cup of tea?
Actually, not this time, because it's far too hot! But in general it's probably safe to assume that I would. Milk and as much sugar as is respectable in any given household. :)


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