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Shiny, shinier, shiniest.

Shiny : there has been a storm above our heads all afternoon, although unfortunately no actual rain. Want rain.

Shinier : With remaining HMV vouchers bought Alice Cooper's 'The Last Temptation', because I felt bad that I didn't own it. Whilst in HMV overheard a very very good track by one of those bands I wasn't going to bother to listen to because people call them things like "the new sensation coming out of America to take the world by storm" and it annoys me - namely, The Killers. It's really *very* good indeed.

Shiniest : An hour's time from now sees me sat near the front of the stalls in the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, getting ready to watch Michael Praed singing and poncing about the stage like any half-decent aesthete (which Scott Fitzgerald was at best. ~s~) Yay!


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