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Of course, now I have the theme tune stuck in my head.

In brief,
The Good :

* Singing very well in front of lots of people who were looking for an excuse to say "Of course, you'll never be as good as your mother, but..." and thus robbing them of the joy of so doing.
* Unexpectedly running into Robin Hood : Men In Tights on Living TV
* 'Up And Down' by Scent. Glorious video and not all that bad a song, either.
* Improving my mother's state of mind considerably.
* Q Mix showing both a mix of 'Bohemian Like You' with 'Horny' (which works perfectly) and one of 'Oops (Oh My)' by Tweet with 'Making Plans For Nigel' by XTC. Completely surreal and excellent.
* Bad and wrong Robin of Sherwood slash ideas.

The Bad :

* My family.
* Realising I'd left Robin of Sherwood in London and was thus without my pocket Michael Praed.
* Haircuts.
* Lack of anything resembling a good night's sleep.
* 'Baby Cakes' by 3 Of A Kind. Wow, is it bad.
* Did I mention my family?

The Ugly :

* Hillary Duff and her sister (I presume) covering 'Our Lips Are Sealed'. I can only hope they took theirs (in which the words are wrong and everything) from the Go-Gos' version and not the Fun Boy Three one, because otherwise I shall have to cry about it.


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