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Last night I had a dream that involved lots of things, including meeting mrph at Whitby (which yet again wasn't actually Whitby but some strange theme park) and telling him that it was terribly urgent that we get a corset to dmh - I fear my subconscious.
It also involved a pizza delivery company run by psychics - they would spin the pizza and from the arrangement of the mushrooms on it they would tell the future. This was kind of odd.
The sign on the side of their establishment looked, from a distance, as if it read
but if you got up close you could see that what it actually said was
"EAT mice, because actually they
GO remarkably well with a nice

I worry.

Yesterday I had - eventually - a lovely day with jamie_boy and later also random_haze and corpsie; mostly involved sitting on Primrose Hill talking, which is a very good way to spend a day. Feel marginally less fragile today; also good.


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