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Things, stuff, and running away.

So, on Saturday morning I decided to go and treat myself to things in HMV's actually rather good (for once) sale. I was delighted to discover that they were doing the Robin of Sherwood DVD season box sets for half price - £15 - which was well within my budget, so I picked up season 1 and will get season 2 when I come back from Sussex.
I was also, as you might have noticed, on a bit of a Martin Kemp kick this weekend, leading me to buy both The Krays on video and Embrace of the Vampire on DVD for, yes, £3.99, and, yes, it really is that bad. I'm still glad I've got it, though; one of these days I'll start properly collecting vampire films like I've been meaning to. :)
Not content with this spread of visual delights, I decided I needed some CDs as well, so I came away with Phixx's slightly pedestrian but nevertheless charming cover of 'Wild Boys', 'Bad Ass Strippa' by Jentina which is The Pikeyest Song Ever Recorded Ever (unfortunately all the lyric sites are getting half the words wrong, so I can't demonstrate exactly why, but you'll probably hear the damn thing soon anyway), and thanks to the sale also an early Simple Minds greatest hits, so that I'd finally own 'Love Song' and 'New Gold Dream 81-82-83-84', and a rather good New Romantic/Electro compilation. And it's all very shiny and have I mentioned that I like buying things? I do.

There followed half a Pride march, with asrana, djm4, B, C, and R, feanelwa, katyha, adjectivemarcus, lolliepopp, thekumquat, barking_watcher and vicki_t_veg, along with a few other people I vaguely recognised but not well enough to know who they were.

Thence to katyha's to sit around chatting to adjectivemarcus (always a pleasure), applaud as katyha dressed up asrana in various outfits, all of which looked amazing, and go *thud* over Johnny Depp in the rather extraordinary musical 'Crybaby'.
And then the flat/housewarming party at ergotia, lilithmagna, ciphergoth and spikeylady's, which was great in its way but left me marveling once again at other people's ability to just switch all the angst off and have a good time, a skill which I've yet to master.

So speaking of that, from this afternoon I will be down in Sussex houseminding for my parents. This is not, quite, running away, since it's something I agreed to ages ago and something they need me to do, but I'm currently looking upon it as a way to hide under the duvet of life without actually suffocating.
They're leaving me their computers, so I will be able to get online without any problems, but for once I have to say I can't drop everything and run to anywhere unless it's quite genuinely a matter of life and death. I'll have my phone. If anyone decides to have a matter of life and death while I'm away, please do call me. But otherwise, I shall be mostly wandering in the hills, clearing out bags of my stuff from the cellar, feeding the goldfish and watching music TV until it comes out of my ears.


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