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Sleepy-tired this morning after I sat trying to calm my head down after having to stop watching The Krays last night. Still hurts, in a fun but dizzying sort of way. ~s~ Guh. Swords. Anyway.
Hang on, no, *not* "anyway"; just looked up dear Martin on IMDB and what do I discover? Typecast much? I wish I'd bothered to watch that now, I had no idea he was in it.
...Ow, my head. What on earth? "Charlotte is a good girl virgin who is having some very bad dreams about sex. These dreams are courtesy of the vampire..." The vampire, of course, played by Martin Kemp. (Oh, honey, it really wasn't your finest hour, was it?) I repeat : ow, my head.

Pride today, and before that I think I shall wander over to the nearest HMV and have a chat with them about singles, just in case they've got JC's new single in. And I may just have a chat with them about videos, too. Because, Martin Kemp. Guh.


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