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Oh, dear.

It is being a very British evening of looking at the television and falling over, with the brief exception of the guy from the Stone Temple Pilots, who did make me fall over but is, I think, American. Have just come from watching Midsomer Murders, featuring the pleasantly ubiquitous Welsh actor Tom Ward, and before that (quite a while before, but who's counting?) there was Hollyoaks, which I remain relatively addicted to, and before that, Family Affairs...and coming up, ITV are showing The Krays. Which feeds so many obsessions I'm not even going to begin enumerating them. ~grin~

Did I mention that I love this country? I mean, normally for less phenomenally shallow reasons than this, but we don't half produce some gorgeous actors.

Edit : Have had to switch off the television and stop watching The Krays because it was killing me. Nobody warned me they had swords, and yes, I know I should have known, but I didn't, and, and, and.
I will get it on video and watch it at some point when it isn't midnight and I'm not already really distracted. Meep.


Also, there are cats outside and they are very loud and it is very unnerving. I really ought to go to bed.

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