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Another survey...

...thanks, a friend of asrana's...

The physical feature for which you are most often complimented: Hair. And eyes.
A place where you have always wanted to make love: ...eh...I don't know. An altar. ~hides, giggling~ Sorry.
A wonderful place where you have made love: Boston. (The following answers all depend on your point of view of course.)
A strange place where you have made love: The floor of my mum's study. *Whilst* on the phone. ~giggles lots~
A special place on your body that, when kissed, feels unbelievably good: I don't know.
An unfulfilled sexual fantasy: ~ggls~ ~waves video camera~ You know what I mean. ......or. Eh. No, we're not saying that one.
A fragrance that reminds you of someone you have been intimate with: LOL Stage makeup. ~nods~
A fulfilled sexual fantasy: ~shrug~ I suppose you could genuinely count Jack.
The most perverted situation you have ever been in: Nothing I can think of.
The approx. number of sexual partners you have been with: Blah. Three. ~ggls~
The first time you ever achieved orgasm: God, I can't remember, it was years ago. Really.
Person you regret sleeping with: Jack. ~nods~ Stupid idea. (Not my idea, by the way. Or his.)
A person you regret not sleeping with: LOL Well...I've never had any offers to turn down.
You feel most attractive when: My hair's all ringlets and I've got music-to-pose-to on. Like now. ~smiles and blows kisses~
A fantastic kisser you have known: Eh...Alex? ~ggls~
An uninhibited lover you have been with: ROFL Definitely Alex!
The worst lover you have ever experienced: Methos, if only because he didn't wait for "Yes".
The book, song or movie title that best describes your sexuality: 'Same Thing In Reverse' by Boy George
Profession: Nominally a student.
Height: 6'
Distinguishing marks: Eh...I don't know.
Allergies: No.
Lucky number: 3, 7, 21.
A smell that makes you pause: Cerruti 1881. There's one that absolutely stops me dead in my tracks, but I've no idea what it is, I just pass it on the street sometimes.
A taste that makes you melt: Vanilla.
A hobby that occupies your time: Fanfic!
A city you'd like to visit: BIRMINGHAM, DAMMIT!
A country you'd like to explore: This one.
Your favorite meal: Anything from the Thai.
A drink you order most often: COKE!
A delicious desert: Crème Brulée.
A book you highly recommend: Mmm...BowieStyle. ~g~ Or, um, Mercedes Lackey.
The music you prefer while alone: I actually like to be around people with most music. I suppose...things like Starsailor are better alone.
While at a party: Anything. So long as it's continuous.
Your favorite band: Duran and many others.
A film you could watch over and over: The Wedding Singer or Labyrinth.
A TV show you watch regularly: NMTB, TOTP2
A monument you would like to have a view of from your room: LOL Boy George's waxwork from Rock Circus. Truly.
Your favorite time of the day: Very early morning, or late afternoon.
Your favorite place to sit at home: Here. :-)
Your stuff
You live in a(n): House.
Your transportation: Mum or dad's car.
You approx. annual income: Bugger all except that which my mother bestows upon me. ~s~
Your cologne or perfume: If I wear it it's Cerruti 1881. I'd love to say Fragile but the boy is nicer than the actual perfume.
Under your bed or in your closet you hide: My clothes, and yes, still, a copy of the Kama Sutra.
Something important on your night table: My clock.
When you sleep, you wear: A CATS nightshirt.
If you had a safe, in it you would keep: LOL My Duran stuff, probably.
Things you like to buy: Records. Records, records, records. And, um, CDs.
If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy: A whole lot of new albums.
You collect: Records.
You don't have a lot of: Money.
Your strangest possession: Um...that's a seriously difficult question to answer. I don't know.
Your most expensive possession: My silver dressing-table set that my grandmother left me.
Your most prized possession: My music and my Duran stuff.
If your house was burning and you could only save three things, they would be: Family, record collection, jewellery-and-makeup-case-with-everything-in-it-so-there.
Your morals (My what? -Ed.)
People should not marry before this age: 20.
People should not have children before this age: Actually I'm less bothered about that. I think you can be ready for kids at thirteen, so long as you know what you're getting into - the problem seems to me to be that it comes so unexpectedly, not that they're not emotionally ready.
The appropriate age for having sex: God, whenever you're ready.
The first time you had sex, you were this age: Sixteen, or not yet.
When you are late for an appointment and it's your fault, do you tell the truth or tell a white lie: I'd probably tell the truth. "Sorry, sir. Couldn't be arsed, frankly." Yep, that's me.
Your most recent lie: Can't remember.
One person you might kill if the law would protect you: I think we all know the answer to that.
One thing in this world you are addicted to: Music.
A drug or alcoholic beverage you take on a regular basis: None. Caffeine, actually.
If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: Aftershock.
Drugs you have tried in the past: Nothing.
A drug you will never try again: Really. Nothing.
You believe hitting a child is an appropriate form of discipline: No, I don't. I think it breeds fear and future violence.
As an adult you have hit a woman? No, but just show me Amanda or Julie...
As an adult you have hit a man? Not yet, but show me that guy - or indeed that goldfish bloke...
You have been arrested? No.
You have read someone's diary or gone through their personal possessions without asking? Yes.
What would your reaction be if your spouse or partner cheated on you: I'd wonder why I expected anything different.
Have you purposely hurt someone emotionally: Yes.
Have you apologized? Many times.
Have you accidentally hurt someone emotionally: Yes.
Have you apologized? Ditto.
Do you owe someone money but have stalled paying it back: Yes. But it's my parents, so it doesn't count.
If yes, how much is the amount? I owe dad £60, mum £35.
Your religion and views of the world
Do you believe in God? No.
Describe God: A big old guy with a white beard. Duh. ~s~
What religion were you raised with: Christianity, with a healthy slice of botched Judaism from Dad.
Do you still practice this religion: No.
Your most spiritual moment: Sitting in Seaford church singing "Be still, for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One, is here" and feeling Jesus sitting beside me. I was about...six. ~tilts head# I'd forgotten about that.
Death is: Something I intend to avoid.
How you picture the end of the world: Spectacular, with lots of fireworks, and a frantic Crowley and Az rushing around trying to rescue things before they got blown up.
Do you feel that most wars started because of religious conflicts: Well, no, not really - it's an excuse.
Does life exist on other planets? Possibly.
Have they made contact with us: Well, David Bowie must have come from somewhere, I guess.
Do you believe we come from Adam and Eve: Nah. I don't owe a rib to anyone.
Do you believe in astrology: I seem to be a classic Gemini, but...you never know.
Do you read your horoscope: Very occasionally.
Have you ever been treated by a psychotherapist: Yep.
If reincarnation does exist, you'd like to come back as: Miaow?
Your opinions
The right to have an abortion: Yes.
The right to own guns: No. Really. I want to be able to say yes, but...I just don't think people can be trusted.
The welfare system: Something I don't understand.
The death penalty: Very possibly, yes.
Rights and services for illegal immigrants: No. ~waves 'Right Wing' flag and apologises~
Legalization of drugs: No.
Equal rights for homosexuals: Yes. (Fewer rights for heterosexuals? ~g~)
The practice of premarital sex: Whatever.
The worst crime against humanity: Killing innocent people to satisfy your own ends.
The minimum punishment for those who molest children: Death. Really, I really think so. Sorry.
The minimum punishment for those who rape: The person I got this from said castration. Not a bad idea.
Your opinion of the military: I don't have one. ~giggles and produced Philip Sallon voice~ "Well, I think they should overhaul the uniforms a tad. Quite passé, aren't they, really?"
Your opinion of the draft: No. Hell, no. Some people actually want to be in the army - if you make it compulsory, nobody will.
You would fight in a war if: ...~shrugs~ If my boys had been hurt by an act of war.
The environmental issue that concerns you most: Dying species. Duh.


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